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By Sarah - Monday, June 27, 2016

Recently, I had the pleasure to drop by Classic by Tai Wah to try out their hair services. Always wanting a deep and rich red colour which required some form of bleaching, I decided that this was no better time to do so as I would be in the hands of professionals (rather than experimenting with tons of box dyes at home).

Classic is located at TPI Building which is near Raffles Place or Telok Ayer Mrt. It is in a pretty old building so just look for the Prudential building, for reference, as it is right beside it. This is a newly opened hair and beauty salon after a few years in the professional hair and beauty industry. Classic by TaiWah features a welcoming reception and retail area, 8 seater hairdressing area, barbering corner and 3 cozy beauty rooms.

The interior of the salon is extremely spacious and I really do like the interior décor. It felt lush and cosy at the same time. Also, look at the salon chairs, aren’t they classy. Side note, you can make an order for anything(even the furniture) from the store and boy, was I considering the chair.

Once seated and getting a cup of coffee, TX , a stylist, came to help me out. After discussing what I had in mind, he went straight to work. Since I was flying to New York in a week’s time, I wanted something that would look great in pictures and I just needed to change things up as my hair colour and style remained unchanged for a good year or two now. I asked him for a style incorporating purple and red, and in order for the purple to be seen, we needed to bleach the hair. 
This was my hair colour before! 
As bleaching is pretty damaging to the hair, I was pretty nervous but felt assured when TX explained to me that he added Olaplex (a hair strengthening agent) into the bleach so that the process does not weaken my hair too much. The bleaching process was pretty quick (they left it on for 20 minutes) and then off to wash it off.

After blowing dry the freshly bleached hair, we move onto the fun part. I got pretty excited when I saw two bowls of red and purple hair dye. Excited for the change but as I was never this bold in choosing hair colour, I can’t help feeling anxious either.

As there were two of them working on my hair at once, the colouring process was pretty quick as well. Then, it was time to let it do its magic and then we headed to wash it off.

The last step blowing dry the hair, and TX used a big roller brush to give me some curls at the base. I was pretty impressed as I have not seen myself with curls before (yes, all 24 years of my life). I have a lot of hair and my strands are stubbornly straight, so this is definitely no easy feat. Here is how it looks like from the back!

I do like the result – a deep purple base with a red balayage. Despite bleaching, my hair does not feel brittle nor dry. In fact, to me, the texture of my hair did not feel rougher or frizzier either. Also, I did notice that the vibrancy of the purple becomes more obvious after a few washes, even though it looks black in the photos and on the first few days. 
After 2 washes in natural daylight

A quick tip TX shared with me is that after colouring your hair, use a shampoo specified for colour hair for 2 weeks. After which, it is fine to use your regular shampoo. 

Overall, I do like the service provided here. It is not extremely pricey and its location is pretty convenient for people working nearby. The stylists are friendly and are able to answer your queries, should you have any (I, of course, had a few as it was my first time bleaching my hair). During application of products and wash offs, the stylists were gentle and they did not tug on the hair, which is an aspect I look out for. Lastly, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire look and feel of the salon, as I felt comfortable for the 3-ish hours that I was there. 

Do pay them a visit if you're nearby! 

Classic by Tai Wah is located at 62 Cecil Street, TPI Building #01-00 Singapore 049710. 
Monday to Friday: 11:00am - 7:00pm ( Last appointment at 5:00pm )
Saturday: 11:00am - 3:00pm ( Last appointment at 1:00pm )

Till then, 

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