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By Sarah - Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Loreal La Palette Nude Singapore review and swatches

Affordable and good quality eyeshadows aren’t really easy to find in Singapore. When I first started out years ago, I remember playing around with eyeshadows from various brands and they were always powdery and not pigmented. Recently, I have noticed that the quality of eyeshadows available in the global market has definitely improved and having access to good quality ones does not always come with an expensive price tag.

I have noticed a lot of bloggers in the US and UK hyping about the recently launched L’Oreal La Palette Nude Eyeshadow Palettes and I got very excited. I even kept a look out for it when I was in London (as it launched there earlier) but ran out of cash, so I sadly came home open handed. Finally, it is available here in sunny Singapore.

There is a wide range of colours in different textures available in each palette (10 colours with 3 different textures – Satin, Intense Matte and Lustrous Sheen) and there are 2 choices available, one in Nude Beige and the other in Nude Rose.

Loreal La palette nude singapore nude beige review

L'oreal la palette nude swatches in nude beige

L'Oreal La Palette Nude  in Nude Beige & Rose Review and Swatches

L'Oreal La Palette Nude  in Nude Beige & Rose Review and Swatches

l'oreal la palette nude swatches in nude rose

At first glance, I do like the options available in each palette and many looks can be achieved with this alone, without the need to bust out another palette or shadow. There are great transition shades, deeper tones to deepen the outer V and add depth as well as some lighter shimmers to add some light and dimension to any eye look.

Depending on the occasion, I foresee this palette being suitable for both natural day looks as well as full out glam.

The shadows itself are on the drier side but are not to the extent that it is powdery and dry. Pigmentation is decent and can be built up to a pretty intense finish as well. I like to spray the shimmers with some water or setting spray to give them a lil more oomph but I like to border on the extreme glam – if you like the natural look, the shimmers do show on the skin just fine without doing so.

Blendability is great, even with the matte shades. Sometimes, matte shades can be dry and difficult to blend as their formulation has a higher concentration of pigment. I found these to blend pretty easily on the skin despite layering it up.

I have done a neutral day look and a more elaborate glamorous look for a night out using both palettes and I have to say that these palettes are easy to work with. Here are some before and after pictures as well as a step by step eye makeup tutorial for you! 

Let's begin with the La Palette Nude in Nude Beige. I have to say, I prefer this over the other as I generally prefer bronzes than rose toned shades.

The first look is more for day time, a brown and green halo smokey eye. I love these types of eye makeup as it gives the illusion of larger and rounder eyes. 

  1. Apply shade 1 to the brow bone to highlight
  2. Apply shade 8 to both the inner and outer 1/3 of the mobile eyelid, connecting it in the middle but leaving the middle section bare
  3. Use shade 3 to blend out the shades in the crease 
  4. Taking the brush that came with the palette, use the sponge tip to apply shade 10 into the outer V for added depth
  5. Using the other side of the brush, add shade 5 to the middle of the mobile eyelid
  6. Add your liner and wing it out (or not, you do you)
  7. Apply shade 2 into the inner corner to add a subtle highlight 
  8. Pop on some mascara and we're done! 

Of course, I've got to have my smokey eye to pair with a red-ish lip. This is more night time appropriate, but y'know, I wore this look to work because why not?

  1. Starting out with a clean eyelid 
  2. Apply shade 3 into the crease using a fluffy brush 
  3. Using the brush that came with the palette, apply shade 7 onto the lid 
  4. Using a blending brush, dip it into shade 6 and blend out the dark brown that is on the lid to make it seamless with the crease shade
  5. Point your brush downwards (like in the picture) to concentrate more colour into the lower crease and to prevent the darker brown from combining with shade 3 in the shade. We want a transition from light to dark, not a muddy mess and this trick always help!
  6. Using the sponge tip and turn it to the side to make application more precise, apply shade 10 near the lash line and blend it upwards
  7. Apply shade 1 and 2 into the inner corner for that pop of shimmer as the entire lid is matte. Add liner and mascara and viola! 

Now onto the La Palette Nude in Nude Rose. This gave me some Urban Decay Naked 3 vibes, so for those of you who aren't willing to fork out the amount of money, I foresee this as a suitable alternative as this has the mauves and rosey tones too. 

First look is a really casual, no liner, natural day time look. I did this whole look in 5 minutes, so definitely a go-to for those mornings I gotta rush out the door. 

  1. Starting out with the primed bare lid 
  2. Apply shade 3 into the crease using a fluffy crease brush 
  3. Using a pencil brush, apply shade 6 into the outer V for some depth 
  4. Using the sponge tip provided in the palette, take some of shade 9 into the outer V as well to add even more definition to the outer part of the mobile eyelid
  5. Flip the brush over and apply shade 5 (a really gorgeous shade) onto the lid
  6. This is how it looks like after fully blending all of it out
  7. Add some mascara and done
The next look is a little more dramatic, a rosey mauve halo eye that isn't too excessive either. 

  1. Using a fluffy crease brush, apply shade 4 into the crease (the picture on the right shows how it should look like after doing so)
  2. Taking a pencil brush, apply shade 6 into the inner and outer 1/3 of the mobile eye lid, connecting it and leaving the middle bare (once again, the picture on the right shows how it should look like after doing so)
  3. Using the sponge tip, apply shade 9 into the inner and outer 1/3 once again, but focusing it in a smaller area as compared to the previous step 
  4. Flip the brush over and add shade 2 onto the middle part of the mobile lid
  5. Blend it all and this is how it will look like after 
  6. Add liner and mascara and you're good to go! 
This palette retails for SGD 29.90 each and will be available at all L’Oreal Makeup Counters at Watsons, selected Guardian, SASA, Fairprice & Department stores. This is great for both beginners who want to experiment with eye makeup without forking out an arm or a leg as well as makeup lovers like myself.

Hope the tutorials were helpful for you! 

Till next time,
** This post was sponsored by L'Oreal Singapore. 

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