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By Sarah - Saturday, November 19, 2016

I know this blog was created with the main focus on beauty and skincare but I thought that I would share some books as well. I read a book every 1-2 weeks and I really do enjoy non-fiction, particularly books from the self-enrichment section. If you aren't a fan of these, it's alright, I have tons of other posts talking about makeup and skincare as well so click away!

I just finished reading Small Move, Big Change by Caroline L. Arnold and I absolutely enjoyed it. As a person who goes by the phrase "new year, new me" (yes, even in the later months like September), my new year's resolutions never stick and I constantly make the same old ones each year with immense determination in January. The self-determination and discipline dwindles pretty drastically over the next few months and I am left feeling pretty disappointed.

This book focuses on the idea of microresolutions. So instead of making resolutions (which the author named wannabe resolutions) at the beginning of the year - such as I want to be fit, I want to eat healthier etc, she recommends making small and targeted resolutions that creates significant and permanent behavioural changes over time.

According to the book, a micro resolution should be:
1. easy (requires little decision making)
2. a specific and measurable action (so you know what to do, when to do it and how to carry it out when a specific circumstance arises)
3. achievable today with immediate benefit (you know you've achieved your goal as long as the resolution is kept)
4. personal (based on your individual circumstance, psyche, and history)
5. resonating (framing should engage your mindset  - values, preferences and outlook)
6. fired on cue (based on your specific circumstance)

I know this isn't much detail, so you have to pick this book up yourself! I have read many books regarding habits and its formation and I do feel that this book really keeps it simple and easy to follow.

Just to share, one of my micro resolutions is to return every makeup product used when I get ready in the morning to its original storage, so no more cluttered table top! This was because I realised that a cluttered table top deters me from doing much work as I would feel tired and reluctant to clear it up before starting. I did find that this micro resolution really did help with my productivity as nothing makes it easier to start work when you have a clean and empty table to work on! In fact, here I am typing away thanks to my newfound productivity high.

P.s. I usually borrow my books from the national libraries (as I do not have enough space for all my makeup and books).

Hope you feel inspired to pick this book up! Till then,


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