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By Sarah - Sunday, November 06, 2016

Althea Korea is a website I go to for Korean beauty products and cosmetics (or Kbeauty, if you will) as the items are very reasonable priced and shipping is usually pretty quick, about a week or less. I got a few hauls from this site, as the prices of the various items are noticeably lower than if I would have gotten it in stores. 

Recently, they lowered their shipping threshold to SGD 29 - so it is really easy to get free shipping! This is a courier service, and the box and all its goodies will be sent right to your doorstep, so yes please. 

With their monthly box #1 being a hit, Althea launched its monthly box #2, called the cute box - a limited edition box containing the cutest and most functional products. As I am typing this post, I realised that it is already out of stock as well! So if you're interested, keep your eyes peeled for the box #3. 

In this monthly box, we get: 
1. Tony Moly Pikachu Mini Cushion Blusher in #Rose Coral 
2. At Fox Gyulpi Sebum Control Pack 
3. The Face Shop Disney Watery Tint in #04 Red Apple
4. Tony Moly Apple hand Cream 
5. With Shyan Nail Prep Set
6. Abbamart Heart Puff
7. Pure Smile Rainbow Lip Patch
8. Pure Smile Sweet Lemon Hand Sanitizer Gel

The first item that caught my eye was the Tony Moly Pikachu Mini Cushion Blusher! How can it not? the vibrant yellow box with pikachu's face on it is something easily recognisable. I am not the biggest fan of Pokemon but I have to admit that this cushion blusher is really cute! The sponge that it comes with is also adorable and is a good size to apply products on the cheeks. It comes in a small compact as well, making it great to put in your makeup pouch for on-the-go or for travels. Simply pat a little on the cheeks to add some life to the face! 

The next item that I am excited to try is the At Fox Gyulpi Sebum Control Pack. I have not heard of this brand before but I swatched the powder and it felt super smooth. I believe this to be a pressed powder to help touch up the makeup and reduce the shine. As it is pretty compact and comes with its own sponge, this is good for on-the-go as well. This is also said to contain mineral elements that helps to keep the makeup vivid for longer period of time. 

Upon pulling out the The Face Shop Disney Watery Tint, my first impression was that it could be a dupe for the Benefit Cosmetics' Benetint. This is a water feel tint that can be used on the lips and cheeks. Instead of a mini brush like the Benefit one, this one comes with a diagonal doe foot instead, which I very much prefer. 

Next, we have the Tony Moly Apple Hand Cream. I love the cute apple packaging and the scent of this. It is sweet, but the scent isn't powdery nor overpowering. I have really dry hands, so keeping this by my desk not only adds visual appeal but a great purpose of moisturising my hands as well. 

I am a fan of With Shyan Nail Prep Set. This is a nail polish set that comes with a hardener, base coat, glassy top coat and a matte top coat. An essential nail prep set, indeed. What drew my eye to it in the first place was the packaging. All 4 bottles of polish are kept in this connecting cap, which is great as for one, it reduces the need to be finding the various products when doing my nails as they are all in the place and for another, it makes everything easy to access. 

When I used to freelance, makeup sponges were a daily necessity. This is great for applying powder onto specific areas of the face, as well as baking. I was never a fan of using these sponges to blend foundation but in a pinch, these will work as well. These Abbamart Heart Puffs are great if you're just starting out with makeup or are freelancing. Plus point are that these sponges are heart-shaped, and come in pink and white. 

The second last item is the Puresmile Rainbow Kiss Lip Patch. This can be applied onto the lips and it is supposed to impart its rainbow design onto the lips after waiting from 5-30 minutes (I do not understand the wide time range in the instructions). Pretty cool idea, but too bad Halloween is over! 

Last item is the Puresmile Sweet Lemon Hand Sanitiser Gel. A hand sanitiser is never a bad idea. Especially when working with makeup or kids, I like to ensure that I am reducing my contact with germs and bacteria on my hands. I am gonna pop this in my handbag as my current one is about to its last drop or two. 

This box retailed for SGD 41 and you can check it out here. If any item caught your eye, you can purchase it individually as well. Keep your eyes peeled for box #3 (if there is) at Althea Korea's main website!

Hope you enjoyed the unboxing (and the new blog theme!) and do share with me your thoughts! 
Till then, 

**These products were sent over from Althea Korea. I am not compensated nor affliated to the brand. 


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