Quick Tut // Plum and Bronze Halo Smokey Eye using the Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette

By Sarah - Friday, January 27, 2017

As an eyeshadow aficionado, I do like trying out eyeshadows from various brands and I have to say, Zoeva eyeshadow palettes are definitely worth checking out. These affordable eyeshadows are lovely to work with, pigmented and blendable. I foresee myself picking up more palettes from them this year, as I only own one currently, and that being the Caramel Melange Palette. 

I promised this a while back when I published my review and swatches of the palette, but got real caught up with other commitments, but better late than never. I have created a plum and bronze halo smokey eye, and if you would like to see how I did it, just keep scrolling!

1. Starting out with primed eyelids (I used my Urban Decay Primer Potion here). 

2. Using a flat shader, I applied Wax Paper all over the brow bone and crease area to highlight and set the primer for easier blending. 

3. Using a fluffy crease brush (Zoeva #228 Crease), I dipped into Universal Delight and applied it into the crease and slightly above as my transition shade.

4. Using a slightly less fluffy brush (Zoeva #221 Soft Crease), I added Start Soft onto the outer crease area and blended it in using circular motions mostly. 

5. Using a pencil brush, I applied Edible Gem into the inner 1/3 and outer 1/3 of the mobile lid. This brush is used for placement of colour. I would then use my fluffy blending brush to blend it out later. This gives me more control when it comes to placing the dark plum shadow onto the lid as I do not have a lot of lid space to work with. 

6. Now I blend it out.

7. To blend out any harsh lines even further, I used the same crease brush in step 3 to go over the shades one more time for a seamless blend. 

8. Using a flat synthetic shader brush, I dipped into Liquid Center and applied it onto the middle of the mobile lid which I left bare previously. 

9. As Liquid Center was a tad too coppery for what I was going for, I dipped my finger into Almost Burnt and tapped it over the middle of the lid as well. 

10. Last step involves my typical winged eyeliner and mascara and then that is it! 

Apologies for the change in lighting. The sun was going in and out of the clouds! 

Hope this was helpful. I am really in a makeup rut lately and I really.need.to.stop.using.purple. Heading over to Pinterest for more inspiration, but till then, this is what I have been wearing on my lids recently. 

Do you have this palette? Let me know how you like it! If you have any other palette recommendations as well, please do share them with me in the comments! 

Till then, 


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