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By Sarah - Saturday, March 11, 2017

Silisponge Review

It was pretty interesting to see the rise of the Silisponge, a silicon tool meant to apply foundation. Despite its name, it is not made from a sponge material at all. In fact, it just seems like a little silicon pad, meant to be stuffed into a bra.

I first saw it on YouTube, and was seriously sceptical about it. This first originated from Molly Cosmetics, and is said to help apply foundation evenly onto the skin without any absorption of the product.

eBay Silisponge Review

By theory, it sort of made sense. Silicon does not absorb product, resulting in lesser foundation being used. It is also easier to maintain and wash, as a quick rinse under the tap will probably do the trick. I was definitely intrigued and I thought why not try it out? I remember I was pretty sceptical when the beauty blender came out. Like why are these people bouncing a pink egg-shaped sponge all over their faces and going gaga over it? Now, I know better and my beauty sponge collection can prove it.

I was browsing through eBay one day and saw that there was a listing where a silisponge was going for GBP 0.99. I thought, yeah I can try that and added it to cart. This listing even allows you to choose your own colour, so I dived in for purple, because, it's purple. Thus, the one I bought was not the original one from Molly Cosmetics. But it sure looks like an exact replica. How different can this silicon sponge get, am I right?

eBay Silisponge Review

This sponge feels exactly like a bra pad. I'm not even joking. The silicon is slightly squishy and since there are no specific instructions, I suppose both sides can be used.

To test this out, I decided to do half of my face with the silisponge and the other half with my trusty beautyblender to see the difference. Busted out my trusty Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation, as I already know what to expect from using this on the regular.

eBay Silisponge Review

It felt awkward to tap this sponge onto the face. Not gonna lie, it took me a while to get used to it as it just felt like I was slapping my face with a bra pad. The foundation did go on nicely, but at the expense of time. Also, this does not absorb any excess product, so go light handed with the foundation. I found myself just sitting there and attempting to blend for a good 3-4 minutes and this was only half of my face! This was way more time consuming than using a sponge, brush or even my fingers. I also found it pretty difficult to get into the crevices, such as along the nose and near the brows. This is most probably not a tool I would reach for on a daily basis.

eBay Silisponge Review

On the plus side, this really does help to reduce the amount of foundation used, so you are not wasting any product in a sense. It is also tremendously easy to clean. I simply brought it to the tap, rinsed it with a little soap and it was back to feeling brand new.

eBay Silisponge versus the beautyblender

Unlike the beauty sponges that has changed many people's (including me) makeup application, I do not really see the need for this. It does apply foundation pretty decently, but it is not something my own fingers can't do. The only advantage I can think of is that it does not absorb any product so you do not waste any foundation or concealer. However, that is not worth the time and effort it takes to blend it all in. So, this was a dud for me.

Have you tried the silisponge before? What do you think?

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