Why I am Skipping Out on Sephora's Sale This Time

By Sarah - Wednesday, May 03, 2017

So before I opened this tab and started typing, I was on the Sephora website. The 20% sale was going to happen in a few minutes and I was desperately trying to find something to buy. Because hey, 20% is a lot of moolah saved. I scrolled and scrolled, and I felt my anxiety rising as time was ticking and I still had nothing that I really wanted. Then, I realised something. I was buying stuff for the sake of buying it. That ain't right. At least in my books.

The 20% Sephora sale is was is something that I always look forward to, ever since the past few years. 20% discount can really save you tons of money and if you're constantly adding more to your beauty collection, there is really no better time to do so.

Despite some personal reminders and note to self, I think it is officially time to declare that I do not need to buy anymore makeup or beauty products. I do not need to keep purchasing more when I have tons (and I am not even joking here) of stuff waiting to be used at home. Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed and that is definitely a sign that enough is truly enough.

In years past, especially when I first started this blog and Instagram and all, I was pretty uncontrollable. I still remember the days in university where I would skip a meal or two to save up money for... you guessed it, makeup. And I own so many. But I could not seem to stop myself. It was a compulsion. I wanted to get everything that the people on YouTube and IG were talking about. I wanted to be part of that community and feel included. It's like purchasing a token of membership, and boy, I loved how it felt.

These days, brands have been pushing out new products and ranges constantly and with the influx of influencers and social media, we are constantly bombarded. In fact, I find myself rarely watching YouTube these days, a past time that I could not get enough of the past few years. It could be the people I subscribe to, but everyone is talking about the same thing or same event, and the videos are becoming repetitive in my opinion. This is new in! Holy grail! PR Unboxing! Top 10 must haves! It is everywhere I turn. As a result, materialism is so prevalent these days and it is extremely difficult to avoid. Not just that, I find it difficult to keep up. Once I feel like I saved enough money to purchase X, another better version Y would have been launched and I find myself caught in a never ending cycle of being on the hunt, purchasing, and yet, wanting more. The satisfaction really only lasts for a moment and the overwhelming selection just makes it seem like its never enough.

I need that new highlighter in my life, omg. Do I really? *Turns to look at the other 46 highlighters in my drawer, gleaming in the light and waiting to turn me into a glowing goddess*.

Sure, the hype on some products can be real and it is always nice to see some first impressions and reviews on a certain product. However, the spark of fun and intrigue really just dies down when you see 10 of them uploaded at around the same period of time. I understand that PR companies send out products roughly around the same time to a list of influential bloggers or vloggers. I also understand that it is the job of these influencers to share with us the products. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Now, I am also really fortunate to receive some PR samples from various brands. This is not boasting in anyway but the truth. This is a beauty blog meant to share reviews of beauty products after all. I am extremely grateful for all the wonderful gifts and opportunities, I really am. I get exposed to so many products and brands that I have not encountered or tried. It feels great to receive them, try them, and review them here for you guys. So I do have a little sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes and I understand where these beauty influencers are coming from.

The matter of fact is that makeup has the ability to make me feel better, be it buying it, playing with it or doing a whole look and tackling the day. I get it. That was what made me fall in love with makeup in the first place.

But I guess, sometimes more doesn't always mean better.

I've been in a place where I find myself finding joy in the mornings, shopping my stash in my fluffy pink robe, and assembling different products to get ready. Some old, some relatively new and some tried and tested favourites. It is like assembling my own army of products that will help me get ready to face the day and the challenges it brings. It is definitely something relaxing and I look forward to it every single morning. As crazy as it sounds, I know exactly what is in my collection and I know where every single item is placed. Every nook and cranny of my makeup room is ingrained in my head (that is also why I can't remember much of anything else). It brings me so much joy and there is a warm fuzzy feeling inside of me when I look at it. Sounds crazy huh? But we do what we do and to each its own.

So I guess the main point of this post is (if there is even one) that to really just appreciate what you have, instead of what you want. It is refreshing to be able to feel satisfied. To be excited to use the existing products in the collection and not feeling the need to own more. But hey, it's just makeup and you do you. I have no right to judge and I won't.

Besides, I am pretty sure this indecisive head of mine will get me to purchase some items during the next sale, which would probably be in November. But for now, I am goooood.

That's it for my late night rambles. Does this post even make sense? I'm not sure. This kinda reminds me of university where I feel like you're imparting so much wisdom onto paper, but in the end, I read it over and.... Well, I graduated anyway so we're good.

Have fun during the sale! As mentioned, 20% is really a huge difference and I hope that you manage to get whatever you have in your wishlist. Hop onto Sephora here.

Till then,

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