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By Sarah - Saturday, September 09, 2017

Kicho Ultra Moisturising Sun Cream and V10 Collagen Serum Review

I enjoy watching quite a bit of product empties videos on YouTube but I've never thought to actually write a post of my own. Odd, but here I am, better now than never.

Not going to lie, I am pretty proud of myself for actually finishing these items up. I am not one to go heavy handed on products and it takes me an extremely long time to finish something up. This task is even more difficult when I have so many options lingering in my makeup and skincare drawer. So for me to actually sit down and write about items I've finished, I feel pretty darn good.

Some of these items I will repurchase (once my stash runs low, if it ever will...) and some I would not give it a second look if I see it again. 

Maybelline Fashion Brow Ultra Fluffy Pencil*

I have so many eyebrow pencils in rotation currently and I was pleasantly surprised that I actually managed to finish this. This pencil was sent to me a while back and I have been using it on and off for about 3-4 months, I would say. This Ultra Fluffy Brow Pencil is said to help achieve naturally defined and full bodied brows with its gel to powder formula that aids in longevity of wear.

I do like the packaging. Super fuss free and it has a tear dropped angled tip that helps drawing in strokes much easier in my opinion. This pencil isn't super pigmented, making it good to slowly build up the definition and shape. I like to use this on my natural makeup days as it makes putting makeup really quick. I do not know how or why this formulation works, but I do find that my brows looks fuller and "fluffier" with this. It does not look flat or painted on.

Lasting power, to be honest, isn't the best as it does fade pretty quickly on me. However, I usually top my brows off with some tinted brow gel anyway and the fade isn't as noticeable. I do like this and may consider repurchasing this when all my other brow pencils (read: more than 10) run out, but I only have a pair of brows so we shall see about that! Otherwise, if you're just a regular and sane human being, this could be one to check out! I believe this retails for SGD 13.90 at local drugstores or Lazada. More about this Fashion Brow Ultra Fluffy Pencil on Maybelline's website here.

Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray 

I have had this travel sized spray for a long time (got it in a set with their setting sprays, I believe) and mostly because it is so small that I actually forget that I own it. However, I do like it on the days I've used it as I find it to keep my makeup in place for about 1-2 hours longer. I noticed that my foundation would hold up nicer against the humidity and it only becomes splotchy around my nose area after about 6-7 hours of wear. Without this, a normal (not long wearing) foundation would start to separate after about 4-5 hours. Coming in a spray, this makes it extremely convenient and quick to just prime the face. I might repurchase this in the future, but currently, I am using the Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Mist and I do find that it works just as well as this.

Maybelline Ultra Fluffy Brow Pencil Review and Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray Review

Kicho Ultra Moisturising Sun Protection Cream*

You know how much I love this. If not, you can check this and this out to see me declare my love. I love how lightweight and blendable this sun screen is as I hate tacky ones! This is really difficult to buy so I was using this sparingly (not something you should ever do with sunscreen though!). I thought I would not be able to find anything else so lightweight till I tried another and you can read here to see my new found love! Thus, this is a lovely sunscreen and I am not going to go on and on about how much I love it. However, it is pretty difficult to get your hands on so I think I am just gonna stick with my new found favourite till something else better comes along!

SK-II Facial Essence

Everyone talks about this facial essence as the gift from the gods and I remember thinking to myself a long time ago on how I would save up to try this out. I imagined myself applying the essence to my face, with the hallelujah chorus in the background, and a glow would emanate from my face. Safe to say, my experience was none of that. It wasn't bad at all. But then again, it isn't mindblowingly fantastic either. This facial essence contains 90% pitera which is meant to help achieve crystal clear skin while boosting skin’s texture, radiance and firmness.

I love the fluidity of the product and my skin really just absorbs it all up. I do not use it with a cotton pad though, as I can't bear to waste it as this is expensive. I bought this in hopes of helping with my skin texture and after using 2 travel sized bottle (30ml), I honestly don't think I see much of a difference. But then again, texture is something that is really difficult to deal with and I did not expect this essence to completely eradicate it either. I do notice my skin being a tad more glowy, but I am not sure if I should attribute it to this or my chemical exfoliants.

I heard from some others that this essence works more like a skin booster, and it makes the serums applied after to be more effective. I can't attest to this either, as I honestly did not see much of a difference. Thus, I am really on the fence with this item and I apologise if my opinion did not provide any benefit. I just do not know if I will repurchase this again.  Tis is essspensive. More here on SK-II's website if you are interested.

NOVU Enliven Toning Moisturiser Review and Cosini Pure Toner Review

Cosini Pure Toner*

I received this toner in Cosini's Mix and Match Travel set, and I just decided to use it up. This toner is said to help provide a boost of soothing hydration, resulting in dewy, luminous skin. I do like how the packaging is really travel friendly and the toner is a clear liquid that does not leave the skin tacky. Not a big fan of those emollient toners that just adds a heavy layer to the skin. This helps me to remove any remaining grim off my skin after makeup removal and cleansing, and to get my skin ready for all the other skin care. I am generally on the fence when it comes to toners and I will use one if I have one at hand, but generally, I do not go out specially to get one. Thus, chances of repurchasing this is low considering my skin care preference and routine.

V10 Plus Collagen Serum*

V10 is a Japanese brand that I have not tried before. This collagen serum is part of their range of 10 various serums, meant to target different needs. On their website, they actually have a test that you can do to find out which combination of serums would be suitable to target your skin concerns. As I am turning 25 soon and that is supposedly the age where the skin starts to stretch towards the ground, I thought adding some collagen would help. This collagen serum is made from marine collagen and is said to help with wrinkles and elasticity. This serum is extremely lightweight and has a close to water consistency. This makes it great for layering with other skin care products. I really like how there is no alcohol in this at all and yet, it is not tacky and absorbs quickly. After using up this entire 10 ml bottle (which lasted about 3 weeks with nightly usage), I can say that my skin does feel plumper and firmer. In terms of wrinkles, I can't attest to that as I do not have any noticeable and large ones just yet. I do really like it and I am moving on to try their Vitamin C serum next.

NOVU Enliven Toning Moisturiser*

NOVU Aesthetic Clinic, or PPP clinic as it was known previously, launched their in-house skin care products with 3 ranges (anti-aging, hydrating, and prescriptive care) earlier this year. I received their Enliven range, which is an anti-aging series that contains natural fruit extracts and antioxidants. I am in love with their lifting eye gel but I threw finished that a while back and I did not think of posting an empties post. However, I did finish their Toning Moisturiser as well and I do like it quite a bit.

This moisturiser is said to be a skin plumping formula that promotes cell restoration, brightens skin, stimulates collagen production and slows down skin oxidation.This bottle does not have the best pump though, as the pump attachment kept breaking on me and I resigned myself to just use a spatula to get the product out. That being said, I do like the texture of this moisturiser. It is lightweight and gets absorbed into the skin readily. My skin does not feel heavy or uncomfortable after and my makeup goes atop it nicely too. After using this for about 2 months (once a day in the morning), I do see that my skin is hydrated and I do not see any dry patches around my nose and mouth which I can get pretty often. Overall, this is a lightweight moisturiser that does a great job of keeping the skin plump and hydrated.

I can't wait to try out new items and hopefully, I can get to write another empties blog post soon.

Did any of these items pique your interest? 

Till then,

** PR/Gifted items 

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