September Favourites // Omorose, Colourpop, Maybelline, V10 & Essence Cosmetics

By Sarah - Monday, October 02, 2017

Omorose BB Stick, Aingeal, Satyn Powder, V10 Water Base Sun Block

It boggles my mind how we're at the end of September already. My kids have sat for their Primary School Leaving Examination and I am welcoming my new classes. I do find it hard to believe that the academic year has passed by so quickly. Regardless, October is a brand new month with new challenges and it is scary yet exciting at the same time.

Moving onto my favourites for September, featuring some products that provide a fuss-free makeup application that is able to last throughout the day. September was a mad and hectic period at work and I wasn't really feeling like doing down the full glam route. My makeup was pretty simple and I chose products that were quick to apply and did not require me to touch up often.

V10 Water Based Sunblock*

I realised that my makeup was separating much easily throughout the day if I actually used a water-based sunblock underneath my makeup. I know, you're now wondering why I am featuring this sunblock then. Well, because despite its name, this sunblock is actually silicon based. I thought it was water based at first but upon looking at the ingredients list at the back, cyclopentasiloxane is the first ingredient (and this is a silicon derivative) and there are other silicones present at the top of the list as well (I've highlighted it in yellow in the image).

V10 Water Base Sun Block review

Fun fact, just because aqua is the first ingredient in the list does not make a product water-based. Almost everything has water as its first ingredient. Aside from the misleading name, this sunblock is actually pretty lovely. This goes onto the skin nicely and with the silicones present in the ingredients, I actually do find that this sunblock does help to smooth the skin slightly after application and this alone can work great as a primer on simpler makeup days. My makeup goes atop it nicely and since majority of my products used are silicon-based rather than water-based, there is a lower chance of separation and my makeup does last longer throughout the day. This does contain SPF 40 PA+++ which is a pretty good coverage as well. You can check out this sunscreen (¥3,800, about SGD 45) on V10's main website here.

Omorose BB Stick in Fair Medium, Aingeal Colour Neutraliser, Satyn Powder flawless review

Omorose Cosmetics*

I was recently introduced to Omorose Cosmetics. Omorose, which means beautiful in ancient Egyptian, is a Malaysian-based brand that focuses on using on natural preservatives and is cruelty-free. I was sent their Sunscreen BB Foundation Stick (SPF 35) in Fair & Medium, Aingeal Colour Neutraliser in X Blue/Brown and their Satyn Finishing Powder in Flawless. Using these 3 products over the last month, I have to say that I have been enjoying them thoroughly.

The BB Stick (USD 40) makes base makeup application super quick and easy, as I simply twist up some product, draw a few lines on the face and blend it all out with a buffing brush or a sponge. It blends lovely and I have no issue with any patchiness or it clinging to my dry spots. Coverage is about a medium, and can be built up slightly to a medium-full before it looks heavy on the skin.

After, I like to use their Aingeal Colour Neutraliser (USD 40) under my eyes to help neutralise the dark purplish undereye circles that I face. Using a colour corrector does help and I find that I do not have to pile on the concealer to actually look awake. This salmon toned shade works nicely and I do not find that it dried out my undereyes in any way. Lastly, after concealer, I set my base with their Satyn Powder (USD 37) which is extremely finely milled. I am really enjoying this powder. It has great oil-controlling properties and I do not find myself having to touch up throughout the day. I do find that this powder helps to mattify the skin without making it look dry and crepe-like. My skin also looks smoother too. Definitely a powder that is creeping up to my holy grails. 

Maybelline Master Conceal, Essence Volume Stylist Mascara and Colourpop 951 ultra satin lip.

Maybelline Master Conceal Camouflaging Concealer

This concealer was sitting neglected in my concealer drawer for a long while before I decided to shop my stash and bust it out. So glad that I did! This concealer is pretty fluid and it blends nicely under the eyes. I like to squeeze a little drop on my finger (a little goes a really long way with this one!) and warm it up between my fingers. Then I simply tap it under my eyes to blend it in. This concealer does have a great full coverage and my dark circles are covered up nicely with this. I like how it wears throughout the day as well - it does not crease much and it does not turn splotchy near the tear duct area even after 6-7 hours of wear. Sadly, this isn't available in Singapore and I got mine from CVS Pharmacy (less than USD 10) when I was in New York, but I had to mention it as I've been enjoying it thoroughly the past month.

Essence Volume Stylist Lash Extension Mascara

I am not sure if this mascara is available here in Singapore as I bought mine when I was in Rotterdam in June. This mascara does what it claims - add volume and length to my lashes. In fact, this gives my lashes so much volume that they look fluffy and I really like it. Despite this not being waterproof, I do like how my lashes look throughout the day. This does not smudge easily on me nor does it flake. Essence really has not let me down with their mascaras! I am pretty sure I got this for less than 4 euros.  

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip In 951

This is the ultra satin lip from the iluvsarahii collaboration with Colourpop. The ultra satin lips have been creeping up my favourites as they do not dry out my lips excessively while being extremely long lasting. I usually pop it on in the mornings before work and I would drink tons of water and coffee throughout the day (and eat, of course), and even at the end of the day, my lips still do look pretty good with no touch ups. This shade is 951 is a gorgeous brownish warm nude that looks great without being over the top. I usually reach for this regardless of the eye makeup I have on as I do find that it pairs lovely regardless. For USD 6, this is truly a steal!

Omorose BB Stick fair medium, Aingeal Colour Neutraliser, and colourpop 951 swatch

Stumbling On Happiness by Daniel Gilbert

As usual, I had to put in a book of the month! This book is really intriguing as it talks about how we, simple human beings, have a tendency to think about the future and how that affects our perceived levels of happiness in the present. It dives into topics about idealism, realism and presentism while explaining it pretty simply with past researches. It made me think about how our brain works and how reality to me is not as real as I thought it was. Truly fascinating read and I highly recommend you picking it up too.

Omorose BB Stick, Aingeal Colour Neutraliser, Satin Powder, V10 Water Base Sun Block, Essence Volume Stylist Mascara and Colourpop 951 ultra satin lip.

What were some of your favourites in September? I would love it if you share them with me! 

May your October be spectacular! 3 more months to 2018. Insanity. Till then,

* PR / Gifted items 

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