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Thursday, January 11, 2018

It's a little scary (and a tinsy bit exciting) that I will be turning 26 years old this year. Inching my way (or what it feels like, propelling my way) towards another year and towards being 30 seems kinda daunting. I don't feel like I'm ready (but does anyone really feel that way? I'm not sure), but I vowed to make 2018 an amazing and eventful one.

I've seen tons of 30 before 30 lists online, and I even made one in my bullet journal just for fun, but I thought it would be good to have another list for more short term goals that I can achieve this year. Thus, my 26 before 26 list came about. 26 lil goals before my birthday this year.This is personal, but I thought of sharing it with you as putting it here does give me a heightened sense of accountability, and hopefully it gets you thinking about your own. Some of these are clear, doable items and some are reminders for myself on how I am planning to try to live my life this year.

1. Visit two places that I've never been before (Perth and Phuket, check!)

2. Go on a solo trip

3. Not feeling guilty for taking a break and doing absolutely nothing (from social media, from work, from life)

4. Attend a concert (Fall Out Boy! and Celine Dion in July, Sam Smith in September and Mariah Carey in December)

5. Watch a musical (Legally Blonde, anyone?)

6. Volunteer at a Pet Shelter (Spending time with dogs just make me really happy)

7. Read one book a month

8. Eat slower (chew, chew, chew!) and healthier (aka no fried chicken everyday)

9. Go to bed consistently by 1am

10. Wake up daily by 9.30 am (it has not been happening yet y'all. I woke up at 11am today and I still had to drag my body out of bed)

11. Take a Skillsfuture course to better myself (am thinking of trying marketing or makeup courses currently)

12. Learn how to converse in basic French (Fun fact, I actually learnt French for 1.5 years, but I'm absolute rubbish in it and I have pretty much forgotten what I've learnt.)

13. Learnt simple calligraphy (The amount of new stationery I've bought is motivation enough. I started bullet journalling last year and I would like to learn how to write simple calligraphy to help decorate the pages and write inspirational quotes for myself!)

14. Try watercoloring in my BUJO

15. Learn how to use my f1.8 lens to take photos

16. Start building up my makeup portfolio

17. Start doing freelance makeup again (I did freelance makeup in the past before I started teaching, and I really did enjoy it. Time to figure out how to start again.)

18. Start doing more videos for Instagram

19. Grow my Instagram and hopefully hit 7k (but Instagram is really odd currently! We'll see)

20. Find a new job (I love my kids, but I need to push myself to explore what's out there and grow)

21. Diversify my investment portfolio (I think I'll begin with investing in global ETFs but y'all, this is confusing! I borrowed an Investment for Dummies from the library in hopes of educating my lil mind about this issue.)

22. Work out consistently and reach my goal weight of 63 kg (yes, I am putting it out here.)

23. Have better posture and stop slouching! Gotta push that chest up.

24. Stop "saving" items and just use them without guilt (Y'know how we always have these things where we are like, can't use it now, gotta save it for a special day? And then we realised that we eventually forget about it and the thing had expired/peeled/spoilt or does not fit us anymore. So I'm trying to stop saving and start using and appreciating.)

25. Drink less coffee and bubble tea (I know. This one's tough. I'm trying to keep to one cup of coffee a day and tapioca pearls ain't all that good, so I have to limit myself)

26. Meditate daily (I subscribed to the annual plan on Headspace, so gotta use it! Meditation does help in giving me a sense of peace and calm, something needed in our hectic societies)

Side note, if you're on the hunt on a book to help with habit formation for the new year, I highly highly highly recommend the book by Caroline L. Arnold, Small Move Big Change. This book talks about why our regular resolutions that we set at the beginning of the year usually fails and how we should start on microresolutions instead. Such a good read. I also briefly mentioned it here, but do pick this up if you want to better your life in an easy yet irreversible way.

What are some of your goals this year? 

Till then,

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