8 Makeup Tips & Tricks That I've Learnt So Far

By Sarah - Monday, March 12, 2018

simple makeup tips and tricks from makeup artists and beauty gurus

Makeup tutorials have always been my source of learning about makeup application and various makeup products. When I was younger and just starting out with makeup, I watched so many makeup videos on YouTube and it was truly a form of relaxation! Now, I still do watch some YouTube videos but I have been reading more makeup books too. There's so much information out there for us to absorb and even though it can tend to feel slightly repetitive, it can get a little overwhelming sometimes too.

There is no end to learning and while I do think that I have decent knowledge about makeup products and application, there is always more to learn. I have learnt quite a few new techniques over the past few months and I wanted to share them with you too. I'll also put the name of the person who I've learnt it from (if I can remember, as I usually just jot them down in my notebook!).

Tip from Patrick Ta:  If you fill in your brows using a brow pencil, use some translucent powder and pat it gently over the brows to help set the pencil while softening the appearance of the lines. This makes it look more natural and I have been doing it really often now as sometimes, my eyebrows look a little too harsh (and I only realise it when I'm already out).

Tip from Allana Davison: Use a clean blending brush to go over the front and middle of the brow to soften it and make it look more natural. I found this tip to be especially useful if you fill in your eyebrows with powder!

Tip from Shaaanxo : After using light layer of colour corrector under the eye, set it with a translucent powder before going over with foundation or concealer. I'm not sure why this works but it really does help to smooth the undereye area out for me. Whenever I do this, I realised that even though it can take a little more effort to blend in the undereye concealer, my undereye area has less creases throughout the day! Any idea why this is the case? Please do share with me if you do!

Tip from Jordan Liberty: Allow undereye concealer to warm up to the skin for about 4 to 5 mins after blending it out. Then, use your fingers to lightly blot any excess before setting it with a light layer of powder. This helps to prevent us setting the creases and reduce the amount of product on the skin.

Tip from Wayne Goss: For serious dark circles, take a Q-tip / cotton bud, dip it in concealer, spray it with a touch of water so that it is damp and then stroke it over the darkest areas under the eye and blend. I have tried this once and just, wow. It gives a good amount of coverage to where it is needed without looking heavy or cakey!

Tip from Sharon Farrell: To make a long nose appear shorter, bring eyeshadow lower down the lash line so that the optical distance from the end of the nose and the bottom of the eye is reduced. I rarely do bring eyeshadow down to my lower lash line on daily basis, but I really can see the difference when she showcased this in her video!

Tip from Andrea Ali:Whatever you apply last will disappear off the skin first. Good point to note! Thus, sometimes it helps to apply blush a tad heavier so that it can last longer on the skin throughout the day.

Tip from Bobbi Brown: Apply a highlighter all over the cheeks and under blush for a lit from within glow. I tried this and loved it. I do find that it works better with satin finish highlighters, rather than those with glitter particles in them. This gives the skin an overall healthy glow and flush, and I love the effect despite myself having oily skin.

Eleanor Hydra Liquid Foundation and Satin Lipstick Sasa

I hope that these tips were useful for you! This took a while for me to gather up and I really hope that sharing them with you helped you in some way! After learning them, I have been incorporating them slowly into my regular makeup routine. These are just some tips and there are so much more out there that I need to learn and try!

Do you know of any other makeup tips? Please do share them with me below!

Till then,

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