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By Sarah - Sunday, May 20, 2018

Long Lasting and Trustworthy Makeup Products

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post about this since I’m not bringing tons of makeup along with me to Phuket. A full face of makeup isn’t best suited for trekking the national parks and swimming in the sea, in my opinion. However, I do plan to bring some bits with me and these makeup items will not disappoint me; They have passed my personal tests and I throughly enjoying using them. A week in nature is the ultimate test and while these may not be sufficient in putting the G in glam, I know for sure that these will work great in making me look alive and well (especially necessary since I’ll be up everyday at 6am!). 

MAC Warm Soul Blush and Innisfree No Sebum Blur Powder review

MAC Mineralise Blush in Warm Soul

Blush is something that I think is necessary to add a youthful flush to the face and I haven't been using anything else for the past few weeks except for my old love, MAC mineralised blush in Warm Soul. I got this way back in the day and my goodness has the price of MAC blushes increased substantially since. Warm Soul is an OG and it's something that works well with any look. I like that it's not completely matte (as that can look unnatural at times on me) and it gives a slight luminous glow to the cheeks. It is a lovely shade that can be slowly built up depending on occasion and since it has great blendability, I'm popping this into my makeup bag for the trip as I don't want to spend too much time blending the pop of colour on my cheeks! This blush lasts on my cheeks throughout the day as well, making it great for this trip.

Lashes are pretty essential to me since it adds definition to the eyes and perks up the entire look. The Covergirl The Super Sizer Mascara is the way to go for me. This waterproof mascara works so well in lengthening my lashes while holding the curl throughout the day. I wore this for my Perth trip as well and it has withstood the heat in the desert and me crying from the sand that kept entering my eyes at the sand dunes. I find that just by having curled and darkened lashes adds life back to my eyes without having to add on eyeshadow or liner. For its drugstore price tag, this waterproof mascara has bypassed my love for the Essence Get Big! Lashes and become a go to whenever I need my lashes to be long and perky the entire day. 

Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Custard

Dark circles be gone with the Nars soft matte complete concealer which is by far my favourite cream concealer in a pot. This concealer has good enough coverage to conceal the harsh shadows under the eyes and doesn’t crease too much on me, even without setting it with powder. I like how quick the application can be and blending this into the skin is a dream. No tools needed as fingers work so well in helping it become one with the skin. This makes it great for reapplication throughout the day as well, should I need to. The shade in Custard isn’t too brightening on me either, making it perfect to just throw onto the undereyes in the mornings to help eliminate my zombie like appearance. In a pinch, this shade works decently as a spot concealer as well!

Colourpop Dream St Eyeshadow Palette Review

I pondered hard if i should be bringing an eyeshadow palette along with me since I doubt I’ll be wearing much. However, I would feel so empty and thus thus palette is going into my pouch as well. I love Colourpop pressed eyeshadow formulation and their palettes are compact considering they include 12 shades. My favourite Colourpop eyeshadow palette that I own is the Kathleen Lights collaboration, the Dream St Palette. The warm shades are right up my alley and I love how this palette can be extremely daytime appropriate while being disco night party worthy. The only thing missing is a matte bone shade to set the lid and a mirror, but I’ll make do.

Innisfree No Sebum Blur Powder

This powder is probably one of the most compact packaged powder in my collection and thus, a perfect one for stuffing into the travel makeup pouch. I really enjoyed the original innisfree no sebum powder (in the light green packaging) but that ran out, so this works just fine too. In terms of its ability to blur the skin imperfections, I'd say it's not fantastic. However, this powder is still beautifully milled and it goes onto the skin like butter. Thus, I love using this under the eyes to set the concealer (as I find that finely milled powders work better and result in less creases) and for setting the entire face as well. I do not find it sitting on the face after application and it does not alter the colour of my foundation if I am wearing any that day. As I do not plan to wear any foundation during my trip, this powder would work great in toning down the shine from my sunscreen and helping my skin stay matte longer throughout the day. 

Fenty Beauty Hustla Baby/Mean Money Kilawatt Highlighter Review

I feel like even though I’ll be snorkeling with fishes which scares me to no end, I suppose bringing a highlight is still wise. Highlight is always a wise decision, no? I was thinking hard about which highlighter to bring and even though this Fenty Beauty one isn’t one that I constantly gravitate towards on a daily basis, I foresee this to be a great option for travelling as it gives the option of both subtle and blinding varieties. The compact itself is slim and the mirror works well too. For natural days, the shade Mean Money works nicely to give a glow from within subtle sheen and I can simply pile it up with Hustla Baby if I want to blind the fishes and animals that I will encounter. I also find that the glow from this lasts me till the end of the work day too. Sounds like a great option to put into the travel pouch! 

Illamasqua Antimatter Lipstick in Bang review

Illamasqua Antimatter Bang Lipstick

This lipstick (which I received from the Look Fantastic x Illamasqua Beauty Box here) has been on my lips for the entire month of May so far. I love the formulation and shade so much. Note, I do have quite a few of the Illamasqua Antimatter lipsticks and I do find that some shades are more creamier than others when it comes to formulation. Bang is a shade that is beautifully creamy, and it glides on easily onto the lips with full pigmentation. The finish is a semi-matte and it is extremely comfortable to wear while maintaining decent lasting power. My dry lips felt great throughout the day! Bang is a slight peachy brown shade that works nicely with neutral or bold eye makeup and is a versatile shade. One of my ultimate favourite nude shades so far and since versatility and comfort are key for my trip, this lipstick has won a spot in my makeup bag.

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Mrs

I had to bring two lip options as is one lipstick ever enough? Sadly, this shade in MRS is limited edition as it was from the Karrueche collaboration with Colorpop but in general, I am a huge fan of the Ultra Satin Lips' formulations. I chose this shade in Mrs as I wanted a coral shade to add some life back to the face as my makeup would be rather neutral. Even though this isn't transfer proof, the ultra satin lips do leave a lasting colour on the lips without drying them out. I used to hate liquid lipsticks until I stumbled upon this formulation and I haven't turned back since. These are lovely and great for a full day out as I rarely do see the need to touch up.

Long lasting makeup products for oily skin and travel makeup tips

Three more days to my trip and I cannot wait! I'll admit that trekking and island explorations isn't something that I am totally comfortable with, but that sense of adventure and stepping out of my comfort zone is filling me much excitement and a little anxiety. As I already have a few things to worry about, I'm glad that these trustworthy items are sure to not let me down.

What other long lasting products do you recommend?

Till then,

** The Look Fantastic link is an affiliate link. 

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