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By Sarah - Thursday, October 04, 2018

Lierac Lumilogie Double Concentrate Day and Night Dark Spot Correction Treatment review

It's time for an empties post again! Quite a bit of skincare items this time round as honestly, makeup products are extremely difficult for me to finish. I usually am light handed with my makeup products and considering now that I go makeup free on most days, it's going to be a while till I get to the bottom of one. Till then, skincare products are the focus for now, especially since I am starting to notice the slight changes to my skin now that I am getting older. Prevention is always better than cure, I say and some of these products are definitely ones that I would repurchase. In fact, some of these items have been featured in my favourites so you'd probably seen me talk about them before!

Lierac Lumilogie Double Concentrate Day and Night Dark Spot Correction Treatment*

The name is definitely a mouthful, but I love this idea of having two serums in one packaging. One side is for the day and the other is for the night. These serums come out opaque (day serum is orange and the night one is white in colour) and the consistency resembles a non-viscous cream. As it is slightly thicker than my other serums, I like to use this last right before my moisturiser and I find that it works well. I usually one pump per application and it is sufficient to spread across the entire face. After using this up in combination with other whitening and lightening serums, I have to say I do see a difference in terms of radiant and glow of my skin. My dark spots around my cheek area are also a less intense. It is very difficult to pin point which product plays the biggest role as I use about 3 serums in both my day and night routine. Lierac is quite a pricey brand and I’m not sure if I would repurchase. However, if you consider the idea of getting two different serums, the price is justifiable. 

Kew Organics Apple Stem Vita Glow Serum* 

I mentioned this serum in my favourites and for good reason. It is made with organic products and the scent is something I enjoy as I apply it daily. I love how lightweight this serum is and how quickly it gets absorbed into the skin. I found that it also helps to hydrate my skin too, as I noticed less dry patches around my nose and in between my eyebrows. I would considering repurchasing this when I’m done with my serum stash.

Beuins Nutrition and Soothing Sleeping Pack 

I love the sleeping packs from Beuins. I've featured the soothing sleeping pack in this post before and have since finished it and the nutrition sleeping mask. They hydrate the skin really well but they don’t feel heavy, allowing me to use a thin layer of it as a nightly moisturiser to thoroughly hydrate my skin. The Soothing sleeping pack contains dragon blood resin and portulaca extract to help fade scars and plump up uneven skin texture while the Nutrition sleeping pack contains centella asiatica extracts and hyaluronic acid (with a calming lavender scent!). Comparing these two, I actually prefer the Soothing variation as it was more lightweight out of the two but did the job really well. I will definitely repurchase these again as they are so affordable! I bought these for SGD 12 each from Althea Korea. However, when I did go back to the site to repurchase, they are gone! Why Althea?? 
Kew Organics Apple Stem Serum and Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara review

Labiotte UV Veil Moisture Sun Essence

You'd see this mentioned multiple times on my blog as I love it so much. I am putting it out there - this is probably my favourite sunscreen ever. I’ve tried quite a few and I’m picky as thick and sticky ones gets thrown out immediately. This sunscreen is so lightweight, it resembles a light moisturiser. It packs a punch too, at SPF 50+ PA +++.  I used this for my Phuket trip and it prevented my face from getting burnt. This is truly tried and tested and I would definitely repurchase this without blinking an eye. However, I bought mine from Seoul and can’t seem to find this in Singapore. Time to plan a trip back to Korea I suppose!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 

One of my favourite concealers as it works so well in covering up my dark circles without settling into my fine lines. I love it whenever I’m rushing out of the house as it blends so easily and I find myself rarely requiring to apply another layer. As a liquid concealer, it lasts for a shorter period of time on the skin as compared to cream concealers if you don’t set it like I do. However, the packaging is so compact and thin that I find carrying it around for touch ups easy peasy. I'm heading to Australia next month and I do plan to stock up on a few

Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara 

When I used to watch tons of youtube beauty videos, I always notice that Kathleen lights loved this mascara so much so I couldn’t help but get it myself. Personally, this mascara did not wow me in any way and it kept smudging on me. In terms of lengthening the lashes, I’d say this mascara does a good job. However, it does add minimal volume to the lashes in my opinion which is odd considering its name. The brush is a little big for my Asian eyes, but with some proper manoeuvring, I find that the brush works well in separating the lashes and making the individual lashes really defined. It was quite pricey when compared to other mascaras which I feel give a similar effect, so I doubt I would repurchase this

Vichy Mineral 89 Skin Fortifying Daily Booster* 

I still remember the hype when this was launched and I was extremely pumped to try this out. While I do enjoy a few Vichy skincare products, I have to admit this serum took me forever to finish as I wasn’t really excited to use it. Despite it containing up to 89% of Vichy mineralising water, I found that the texture of this serum to be a tad heavy and sticky on my skin so instead of following their instructions to use this as the first step, I’d usually use this as my last step before moisturiser. If I used this first, my skin just felt sticky after and I did not feel like the other serums I applied after would get absorbed. This serums claims to help reinforces skin barrier function and make the skin stronger against aggressors like pollution, stress and fatigue. It is difficult for me to attest to these claims from my use. Thus, I will not be repurchasing it.

Vichy Mineral 89 Skin Fortifying Daily Booster review

SK-II RNA Power Eye Cream 

I mentioned this eye cream in my April favourites and I finally finished it about 3 weeks ago! Thus, this little jar really did last me a good while and the hefty price tag is justifiable to me. This eye cream worked well in hydrating the undereye and it eliminates the creases above my cheekbone (due to sleeping sideways on the pillow) in about 10-15 mins which is pretty impressive for me. I do enjoy this and may consider repurchasing it in the future, especially if I am in duty free or something!

La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Eye Serum

This is probably the fanciest item that I've ever used and that's honestly because it was a gift. This eye serum contains anti-wrinkle firming peptides which is said to give the skin an immediate lifting effect. The serum itself is a slightly viscous iridescent liquid that blends nicely under the eyes and gets absorbed in seconds. I'm not sure if it is any placebo effect of some sort, but I honestly do notice a difference in my under eye area about 3 days into using this. My skin felt firmer and my undereye creases looked less pronounced. In terms of dark circles, not much effect was seen but that is understandable since these pesky circles have been with me pretty much my whole life. I rarely do see a pronounced effect in an eye care product and this truly impressed me. That being said, I will not be repurchasing this as I'm not loaded with tons of cash. yet. 

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau Fraise EDT

It takes me forever to finish a fragrance so I'm proud that I finally finished this La Petite Robe Noire Eau De Toilette from Guerlain. This is from the La Petite Robe Noire Ma Robe Petales release under the La Petite Robe collection.  This was my first ever Guerlain fragrance and I have to say my experience was pleasant. Despite this being an EDT, I do find that it lasted a really long time on my skin and the scent doesn't change throughout the day. This contains a mix of mandarin, lemon, bergamot and orange blossom among other accords with a hint of pistachio. The scent is quite unique to me as I rarely see pistachio in the mix and I can actually smell it in this. It isn't overpowering and I do think the scent is elegantly fresh (obviously, I lack the appropriate vocabulary to describe fragrances!). I might repurchase this again some day when my perfumes are done.

Kat Burki PH+ Enzyme Essence and Loreal Revitalift Micronised Centella Essence Review

Kat Burki PH+ Enzyme Essence* 

This bottle took me a good while to finish up! I use a pump of this every morning as this is supposed to help optimise the pH of our skin and protect our skin from environmental toxins. This product particularly interest me as I do feel that pH of our skin is rarely addressed and pH actually affects the absorption and effectiveness of the skincare products that we apply. This has a fairly fluid texture and I usually apply this after my toner. I do like how it feels on the skin and similar to the Vichy product mentioned above, protection against the toxins from the environment is difficult to attest to, so is pH level. Regardless, I did thoroughly enjoy this. I feel like it helped to gently exfoliate the skin (due to its fruit enzymes) while adding a hint of hydration to the skin. The only downside is that it is quite pricey as it is S$140 (it can be found in Tangs) /USD$100! However, this bottle did last me a good 6 months or so as it is a substantial 100ml.  I'm still considering if I should repurchase this

Loreal Revitalift Micronised Centella Micro-Essence Water*

I have to say this has become one of my favourite essences so far (it was featured in my current favourites a while back), and yes even over the SK-II facial essence. This is extremely light and gets absorbed in a matter of seconds. It is a great throw on before any other skincare product and I like how the fragrance is very subtle. This essence contains 92% micronised pure centella essence which is said to have extraordinary healing power to repair aging marks and help the skin regain firmness and elasticity. The droplets are also 5 times smaller, enabling it to penetrate the skin much further. After using up this bottle, I noticed that my skin does emit a slight natural glow right after applying this and I do think that the ingredient list has a great potential. Considering it’s affordable price (I got mine for SGD 35.90 for a local Watsons), I’ll definitely repurchase again. In fact, I’m already on my second bottle and foresee myself buying another when this runs out.

Loreal Revitalift Micronised Centella Micro-Essence Water Review

That's it for a pretty lengthy empties post! I have started on a few new skincare products and I am excited to share them with you, so do look out for them in an upcoming post!

Till then,

**PR/Gifted items

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