NOVU Aesthetics P+ Phyto Laser & Ion Infusion Review

By Sarah - Thursday, November 01, 2018

NOVU Aesthetics P+ Phyto Laser & Ion Infusion Review

I am no stranger to NOVU Aesthetics as I've tried quite a variety of their facial treatments before (you can read my thoughts on my previous experiences here and here). NOVU aesthetics, or previously known as PPP Clinic, is well known for their quick and fuss free facial treatments so much so that they have recently trademarked the word fasthetics (which I thought is pretty snazzy).

NOVU Aesthetics P+ Phyto Laser & Ion Infusion Review

I had the opportunity to try out 4 sessions of their P+ Phyto laser and Ion Infusion treatments lately and this is great to really see the effectiveness of the treatments. No matter how effective a laser treatment is, skin is a succession of many cellular layers after all, and I do believe that one session alone is difficult to completely eradicate certain skincare concerns.

Personally for me, I do experience pigmentation, large pores and uneven skin texture around my cheek area. The P+ Phyto Laser, which is NOVU's signature treatment, is said to be a multitasking treatment that helps with lightening the appearance of pigmentation and refining the skin texture. It can also help with deep cleansing the skin by clearing clogged pores and calming over active sebaceous glands (something that would greatly benefit anyone who struggles with pesky acne!).

Novu Aesthetics P+ Phyto laser review

The P+ Phyto laser is non ablative as it basically just heats up the skin beneath the surface. This results in no downtime after the treatment (I can definitely testify to that) and it is less painful than other laser treatments. Personally, the laser did not feel too uncomfortable and I was pretty relaxed during the entire treatment which was under 10 minutes. The sensation is similar to that of snapping a rubber band onto the skin, which is nothing compared to the invasive treatments such as fractional laser. I am never a fan of downtime after a treatment and I am so glad that this laser does not result in any at all. I did not even get those reddish patches on my skin which I can be susceptible to as my skin is sensitive! Right after leaving NOVU, I was good to go, be it for a workout or to work.

Novu Aesthetics P+ Phyto laser review

After the laser, there is the Radiance Light treatment (it's considered part of the P+ Phyto laser treatment) where a shower of light pulses are given to give the skin a bright and healthy glow. This is also said to help stimulate collagen production and reduce serum production. The light is pretty intense, but nothing uncomfortable.

Novu Aesthetics Ion infusion review

The last step would be the Ion Infusion which helps to hydrate the skin from inside out and present dehydration. This step helps to infuse moisture and other nutrients (depending on the serum they apply for you; There are 3 to choose from - hyaluronic acid, shirt whitening and kakadu) deep into the skin while soothing it at the same time. I love this step as the metal plate of the application is cool and it feels great upon touching the skin. If I had to choose a word to describe this precess, I'd go with soothing, as it really is. As I went for the 92% hyaluronic serum, my skin does feel well hydrated after and I do think that it supplements the prior laser treatment well.

In terms of efficacy, here are my thoughts.

Whenever I go for a session, I would notice how smooth my skin feels at night when I am cleansing the skin. The skin feels really clean and smooth, especially the cheek area. This is great as I do often get little bumps around my cheek area and I find that they usually go away after a session of the laser.

NOVU Aesthetics P+ Phyto Laser & Ion Infusion Review
NOVU Aesthetics P+ Phyto Laser & Ion Infusion Review

After completing four sessions of each, I do notice a difference in the intensity of the pigmentation on my cheek area. I have quite a few blemishes that refuse to fade and these four sessions did make them less intense. You can see it for yourself in the before and after photos right here, which is pretty impressive. I did get more blemishes in the past month and thus, there are new reddish spots so do ignore those. In terms of uneven skin texture, I do think for my case as I do have pretty significant scarring on the cheek area, more sessions or more intensive treatments such as fractional laser would work much better.

I do think these sessions work great to help maintain and deep cleanse the skin. This treatment is great if your skin is in pretty good condition and you would like to maintain its clarity and radiance. However, if you're looking for a treatment to help with evening out skin texture and producing more radical results, other treatments such as fractional laser would be a better option. NOVU Aesthetics had a promotion for fractional laser for the month of October and I did purchase 10 sessions. In fact, I went for my very first fractional laser session yesterday and fingers crossed that my acne scarring and uneven texture would be visibility reduced after the package is done. On the other hand, the ion infusion can work for everyone as it is a great way to boost the hydration of the skin.

To complement their treatments, NOVU also has their own in-house brand of skincare products. I've tried their enliven range before and featured the toning moisturiser here. I was gifted the Active range which, as the name suggests, is meant for people with active lifestyles and consist of multipurpose products. I have not tried them all out just yet, but I did test out their Lifting Sunscreen Mist which I am enjoying. It is a very lightweight sunscreen that comes in a mist form; The mist isn't very fine, so I'd spray it onto my palms before applying it onto the face. Its texture is very similar to that of water and absorbs nicely into the skin upon application. It also provides great sun protection, at SPF 50+ PA++++. If I do like the other products when I do try them out, I'll definitely feature them in my favourites posts.

What are your thoughts about laser treatments? Would you try this out?

Till then,

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