Tried and Tested // Althea Korea Petal Sunaway Sunscreen Review

By Sarah - Sunday, February 24, 2019

Althea Korea Petal Sunaway Sunscreen Review

If there’s a skincare step that I will always preach, it will be to apply sunscreen. Protection from the sun’s UV rays is a must, especially if you live in tropical climates like Singapore. Did you know that there are still UV rays even when it is cloudy out? Sunscreen on. All day, everyday.

A lightweight facial sunscreen is always worth mentioning, especially one that managed to prevent my face from getting burnt on my travels. I really did put this to the test, with all my hiking, snorkelling, diving and reading by the beach when I was in Australia and Jakarta. My body did get burnt (no thanks to another body sunscreen that I used) but my face was perfectly fine, so this sunscreen definitely works.

Althea Korea Petal Sunaway Sunblock Review

This is Althea Korea’s house brand and since I have previously enjoyed their Petal Velvet Powder (as featured here!), this sunscreen was tested with high expectations. And I'm glad to report back that they have actually surpassed them. So let me tell you why.

According to Althea Korea's website, it contains damask rose extracts to help hydrate the skin and geranium oil to help improve the radiance of the skin. As it is part of their petal velvet range, this sunscreen is also said to contain micro-powder particles that aid in providing a smoother complexion.

Firstly, in terms of packaging, the product comes in a typical squeeze bottle that requires a good ol’ shake before usage. Nothing fancy.

The star feature of this product is its texture in my opinion. I like how fluid it is! It is really lightweight and gets absorbed into the skin really quickly. Personally, I believe that viscous and thick sunscreens put people off to using sun protection in the first place, so a lightweight one is always the way to go. If you've read this blog over the past few years, you'd realise that I constantly rave about sunscreens that feel like nothing on the skin. A lightweight formulation is one of my top priorities, and I do think that this one from Althea really hit the spot with its formulation and texture.

Althea Korea Petal Sunaway Sunscreen Review

Despite the liquid being white upon dispensing it out, it disappears when applied to the skin so I did not notice any harsh whitish tints that are ever so unfaltering. It also does not feel heavy on the skin nor leave a tacky residue so this is perfect for no makeup days too! I actually mostly use this by itself, as I rarely do use foundation or powder now, and I do think that it helps to provide the look of a smoother complexion with its micro-powder particles. The skin around my cheek area look smoother in certain lighting and I was pretty impressed.

This sunscreen is SPF 50 PA ++++ so it does provide sufficient protection from both UVA and UVB rays on a daily basis, making it my current top pick for my everyday sun protection.

Lastly, as this sunscreen is Althea's house brand, it is really affordable as it is priced at SGD 13 for 55ml! I will definitely be repurchasing as this is the most affordable sunscreen that I've fallen in love with so far.

Althea Korea Petal Sunaway Sunscreen Review

I have a few more other sunscreens to try out (perfect timing for my Surabaya trip!) but I'll be using this up before I move on. I'd recommend that you give this a try, especially if you're new to the world of sunscreens! I am currently forcing my sister to use it as it is never too early to start!

What other lightweight sunscreens do you recommend? Please share with me! 

Till then,

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