Goals // Second Quarter of 2019

By Sarah - Saturday, April 06, 2019

April 2019 goals for the second quarter of 2019

April is here, which marks the beginning of the second quarter of the year. I almost typed new year because it still feels pretty new to me, despite the fact that 3 whopping months have already past! When I told my friends on April 1 about how it was the beginning the second quarter of the year, they giggled and reminded me that it sounded like financial quarters! That's true. But thinking this way definitely has some benefits.

Firstly, think of it as a new start. I had some new years resolutions that I did not really carry through in the first 3 months, so this is a new beginning and I'm determined to start it right again. We sometimes always need a starting point to begin something, that is why New Year's Day is so significant. However, when you think in terms of yearly quarters, you kinda get that same "fresh" starting point three times a year. So there really isn't any excuse to drag it out and wait till the next year starts rolling around. 

It also gives us a little push to think about the past 3 months and how we had spent it. What went well? What was I proud of doing? What can I improve on? Self reflection is very important to me, as I want to aware of my own journey and see what I'm actually doing on a regular basis. I used to be the type of person who would be shell-shocked when the end of the year rolls by and I would question myself what in the world I was doing. Not anymore though. With quarterly and monthly reflections, I am taking control of my actions and taking up responsibility for whatever happens in my life.

So I did some reflection end March and I thought about 7 different categories to see what I had achieved so far and what I would like to achieve in the next few months. If you're interested, the 7 categories I used for my reflection are: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Financial and Environmental. After taking a look at my future plans, I've listed some goals for the upcoming second quarter of the year. Hopefully, this inspires you someway. If not, it's for me to also put it out there so that I can hold myself accountable. 

1. Start proper strength training 
I hope to start properly strength training and learning the proper forms. I've been lifting a few weights here and there but that really isn't anywhere close to what it should be. I am generally afraid of injuring myself with the wrong form so I do plan to get into a programme or find a personal trainer for a while. I am strong and I would love to transform my body as being someone who has been overweight for most part of her life, I think I'm done with feeling uncomfortable with my body. While the goal of a leaner physique is important, I think that whole process of going through the exercises and increasing the weights over time is way more important to me. I hated exercising when I was younger so for me to personally push myself and see myself working out in a way that I never thought I could, that's pretty amazing. 

2. At least one French video per week
One of my 27 before 27 goals is to be able to converse in basic French. I have to really persevere with this and just keep going. To be even more specific, I plan to watch a French video of at least 15 minutes every Thursday. I know one video a week isn't much, but it's a good starting point for me as I've been always wanting to do it but never really set a specific routine that I implement. With a set routine of Thursdays, I hope to learn more vocabulary and with the audio in the videos, hopefully I'll be able to understand more words too. Slow and steady steps! 

3.  Research more on Sustainable and Responsible Investments (SRI) 
I've always been interested in expanding my investment portfolio and I do want to learn more about SRIs. I think that another simple thing any individual can do, besides switching to environmental friendly products, is to help in anyway possible in the development of environmental friendly companies. I've been looking into to clean energy and other funds, hoping to find something that resonates with me.

4. Cook healthier meals with my pressure cooker 
Recently, I got myself a Philips Viva Collection Pressure Cooker and boy, has it changed my meal preps! I love that I can just dump things in, close the lid and let it work its magic for a few minutes and viola, I have a healthy meal ready for me. I've been playing around with healthy recipes lately as I do want to become healthier. I realised that my tendency to always opt for fried and processed foods is not doing my body any good and I want to make a change. With the pressure cooker, cooking chicken breasts have never been easier (and it is so much juicer than baking it!) so my meal prep options are endless! I get excited to cook these days and I strive to cook healthier meals in the next few months.

5. 30/30 rule
Electronics are not great for us, especially before bed time as it affects our sleep. I always knew this, but I somehow still find myself with the occasional opening of pinterest and instagram before bed. I plan to stop that, and I am going to aim for no electronics 30 mins before bed, and 30 minutes after I wake up. Sometimes, whatever pops up on our phones can change our mood and perspective for the day. Thus, I want to also start the day fresh and fully in control, before I deal with the necessary issues.

April 2019 goals for the second quarter of 2019

So what are some of your goals for the upcoming month/quarter? 

Till then,

** April wallpaper on my phone is from Dara Skolnick

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